Chris Wallace is getting kudos galore across the social media sites as it was just revealed he will be the moderator for the last of three presidential debates. It looks like Donald Trumpdoesn't have to contend with Megyn Kelly and her accusations this time around! As you may remember Kelly moderated a Republican debate where she threw out accusations made by other people to Trump. Once done, she then asked him to address this. It was not only uncomfortable for Trump, but for many of the people in the audience as well!

Proud as a peacock!

Wallace is as proud as a peacock to be able to do so. The Fox News personality said that if people down the road say it was a great debate, but they don't remember him being there, then he has done his job well!

It is a "great responsibility" Wallace told the anchors on Fox News Friday. Many equate Chris with his late dad, Mike Wallace, who was considered the epitome of fairness in his day!

Trump doesn't have to contend with Megyn Kelly

Putting Megyn Kelly in that spot probably would have brought more viewers to the screen at home because of the history between Trump and Kelly. But since the bad blood between Hillary and Trump goes beyond any Kelly and Trump harbor for each other, the viewers will be there. Most would agree people will be tuning in to hear what both Clinton and Trump have to say, but there will still be those folks who are waiting for a circus to break out!

Wallace gets last debate before election!

Wallace fills the last moderator spot as Trump and Clinton square off on October 19 in Las Vegas, which is just weeks before the elections. NBC's Lester Holt will be the one and only moderator for the up and coming Presidential debate on September 26. This is the first of the three, which will be held at Hofstra University on Long Island.

The second debate, which is slated for October 9 in New Hampshire, will have ABC's Martha Raddatz team up with CNN's Anderson Cooper for a town hall-like debate, reports The Daily Mail.

Commander In Chief Forum... will Matt Lauer be fair?

Trump and Hillary will face off for the first time during an NBC Forum and itwas just announced that it will be moderated by Matt Lauer.

This first ever Commander In Chief Forum will take place on Wednesday September 7, which is presented by both NBC and MSNBC.The forum is scheduled to air live on MSNBC at 8 p.m. and in most other areas it will be simulcast live on NBC.

Eric Trump weighs in on fairness

Eric Trump appearedon Fox and Friends Friday morning and he said that he hopes Lauer will be fair. He did mention the ties Lauer has to the Clinton Foundation and the fact that he is friendly with the Clinton couple. Eric Trump said that his family has known Lauer for a long time and they've appeared on his show. With all the "speculation" about his close friendship with Hillary, Eric said he just hopes the forum questioning will be fair and it sounds as if he believes it will be.

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