Popular memes and emoticons often get nods in modern television shows and movies, but one popular emoticon is going the extra route by getting its own film adaptation. A decade-old internment meme from China, known as Tuzki, will break on to the silver screen in an animated/live-action hybrid.

Just who is this white rabbit?

Tuzki (or 兔斯基 in his native language, which is derived from the Chinese word for “rabbit”) is a character-based emoticon resembling a rabbit that has grown in popularity in use on Chinese internet forums, including Tencent QQ and MSN messenger. Created by illustrator Wang Momo in 2006, the character was inspired by her childhood nickname of “rabbit” and originated on her blog through various animations.

In time, Tuzki has grown in enough popularity to have merchandise based around the character, including postcards, posters, clothing, books, games, trading cards, and even fan-clubs. The character has also managed to make a name for itself in advertisements, for even such profile companies as Motorola or KFC.

What will the upcoming film be like?

The film will reportedly combine live-action and CGI-produced animation, will begin production next year in 2017, and has an expected release date the following year in 2018.

Turner Asia Pacific and the Shanghai-based Tencent Pictures have reportedly joined forces to co-produce the film between each other. Tencent Pictures reportedly will handle the production and distribution of the film, and Turner will handle the licensing efforts.Turner’s Clément Schwebig said the announcement of the upcoming film will serve as a “huge milestone” and hopes to help “grow the Tuzki franchise,” also writing that the film will help to showcase Turner’s commitment to its Chinese business partners.

As mentioned, Tuzki has had other appearances in animation, and it can be expected that Tuzki's appearance in the film may have a similar look to the following short-form piece, as can be seen below:

According to reports, 2016 is the year of Tuzki’s 10 year anniversary, and other events have occurred in addition to the announcement of the upcoming film.

This has included a restaurant based around the character in Shanghaiand a sports-themed exhibition.

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