This week fans watched their favorites "Chicago PD" and "Chicago Med" return to NBC. The crazy thing was "Chicago Fire" didn't air a new episode yet. This had fans of the show really worried about where it was a, but don't be concerned. It will be back soon.

When does "Chicago Fire" return to NBC?

The show will be back on October 11 for season five. That means just a few more weeks before you get to see it. "Chicago Fire" will air along with new show "This Is Us." This show was a huge hit, so it may even bring in more viewers for "Chicago Fire" if they are lucky. There were even rumors that it wouldn't start until 2017, but that isn't true at all.

Luckily, you only have to wait a few weeks.

This date surprised a lot of fans, but this show didn't come back until October last year either. It will continue to be on Tuesday nights just like it was last year and fans can't wait to see it finally return. They left the viewers wondering about a lot of things, and they are happy to know they finally be getting the answers they have been looking for since season four came to an end.

Where did we leave off?

At the end of last season of "Chicago Fire," it looked like Casey and Dawson were finally going to get their happily ever after. The two were finally working through their problems. Dawson also had a new man in her life named Louie that she was taking care of.

This little boy seemed to be exactly what she needed in her life. Hopefully, Casey can adjust well to having a little boy around and being his father figure.

Jimmy's brother died at the end of last season as well. Dealing with this won't be easy for him. Things are always changing for the characters on "Chicago Fire" and this season won't be any different.Stella’s ex, Grant, is going to obviously be a problem for Severide.

Are you happy to hear that "Chicago Fire" will be back so soon? Were you worried that this show was canceled? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss "Chicago Fire" when it starts airing the new season on NBC on October 11.

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