Legendary "Saturday Night Live" alum Chevy Chase has checked into rehab to seek help with an alcohol-related issue. The news was confirmed by Chase's rep who stated that the actor checked into the Minnesota-based facility for a much needed "tune up" with his addiction issues.

Chevy Chase seeks medical aid in Minnesota

Chase is no newbie when it comes to rehab, the comedian first checked into rehab for help with addiction issues more than two decades ago. Back in the early part of the 80s, Chevy entered the Betty Ford Center for a serious addiction to prescription painkillers.

Chase, 72, has always managed well to keep his personal issues private, but in 2007 the actor penned an open letter in tribute to President Gerald Ford crediting his wife's dedication in aiding those suffering from addiction issues in changing his life.

Chevy stated that if hadn't been for Betty Ford's strength and courage in coming out to the public with her own alcohol addictionhe may have never taken the first steps in the 80s in getting the much needed help battling his own addiction demons.

In 2014, Chase sparked major fan concern after he was spotted out in public looking nearly unrecognizable, appearing bloated, very overweight, and unhealthy in appearance. It was also reported around the same time that Chevy had been rushed to the hospital earlier in the month after the star began suffering serious breathing issues.

Chevy Chase endures decade's long success in TV and film

"SNL" made its television debut in October 1975 with Chase introducing every show, but one by saying " Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!" Chevy is not only widely recognized for his television legacy with "SNL," but also his film career which speaks volumes for itself.

He has found huge success with a decades long list of hit films, but is most recognized for his lovable National Lampoon's character Clark W. Griswold from the popular "Vacation" films.

Today Chase fans are applauding, sending praise and inspiration to Chevy throughout social media as he faces his addiction issues head on while seeking the help he needs to get his health back in check.

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