Chelsea Handler wasted no time unleashing her true feelings about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce announcement. In fact, when it comes to having her best friend Jennifer Aniston's back there is no one better to have in your corner that Chelsea.

Chelsea Handler unleashes her hate for Brangelina

Handler went on an explosive f-bomb slinging full-on rant about how she really feels about Angelina Jolie. Chelsea is the type of person who either loves you or hates you with a passion which is the category that Jolie falls into.


Jen has stayed radio silent on the Brangelina divorce other than that one tiny little dig about "karma" coming back around to get you. Handler, on the other hand, has revealed that she believes Jolie is a f***ing lunatic!

Not afraid to tell the world how she really feels, Chelsea went on a mega rant about the Brangelina divorce on her Netflix series today and it was brutal. Handler, more or less (actually more) stated that Brad and Angie had stated that they would never wed until it was legal for everyone.


Handler added that her reaction to that statement was that she would never marry until Brad and Jolie divorced. So, Chelsea jokingly said she is now ready to begin accepting marriage offers.

Chelsea Handler shows the world what type of friend she really is

Handler did not stop with Angelina, she also had a few remarks for Brad, revealing that it was no secret that Brad cheated on Jen while he and Jolie were working together. Next, she moved on to the alleged rumors about Pitt's weed and booze use, sarcastically wondering aloud just why would Brad ever need to use weed and booze to self-medicate.

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The next direct hit was her opinion that Brad did what he did because he gave up his freedom and being able to jet-set around the world partying with his pals Matt Damon and George Clooney just to be trapped in a house with "85 kids and speaking 15 different languages" just because he chose to get with Jolie, (the f***ing lunatic!).

Ouch, that was painful, but, in all honesty, Brad had to see that coming, right? While we are sure that Handler is privy to many more top-secret details of what really went down in Jen and Brad's ugly divorce that the world will never fully know, one thing is for sure, you do not want to mess with Chelsea's pals because she will come after you hard.

We probably haven't heard the last from Chelsea Handler when it comes to the Brangelina divorce slams after all, this is the kind of stuff that comedians live for. It is just an added bonus for Handler to release her Jolie hate now. Somewhere we have to believe that Jen is privately enjoying every minute of this!

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