Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have been uncharacteristically silent on social media in recent weeks. Following backlash due to Lowell's reported behind-the-wheel drug use and Baltierra's criticism of his wife's weight, the "Teen Mom OG" couple appears to be taking a break from Twitter and Instagram.

On Twitter, Lowell has been silent since last week and on Instagram, she hasn't shared an new photos since last Monday, when she posted a reminder to fans about the then-upcoming episode of "Teen Mom OG." A short time prior, Lowell had shared a photo of her daughter, Novalee Reign, and her dog.


Meanwhile, Tyler Baltierra has been completely silent this week as well, aside from a re-tweet on September 26 regarding tonight's new "Teen Mom OG."

Tyler Baltierra has been deemed insensitive when it comes to her weight

During an episode of season seven earlier this year, Catelynn Lowell expressed interest in joining Weight Watchers to lose weight. However, Baltierra went a little overboard with his response. Instead of simply expressing his support, Baltierra offered an insensitive joke about not wanting a "heifer" for a wife. While Lowell eventually received her support from Baltierra, and there doesn't appear to be any tension between them at all, many fans have taken aim at Baltierra online. Meanwhile, Lowell has received backlash as well due to her use of marijuana on the show.

Catelynn Lowell faced backlash after smoking pot while driving

Catelynn Lowell was slammed by fans after she shockingly got behind the wheel after "medicating" herself with marijuana. According to Lowell, she was using the drug to address her struggles with anxiety and avoid taking harsher medication, such as Xanax. After receiving backlash online, Lowell took to Twitter where she explained to her fans that she was 100 percent wrong for driving while under the influence and apologized for doing so.


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