Viewers are excited about the Season 3 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, as spoilers tease that it will be jam-packed with action. Carly Waddell and Evan Bass have become a bit of a surprising pair this summer and fans are curious to see where things head for them after their summer in Mexico. What teasers are available on this front?

Bachelor in Paradise finale brings hot overnights

Heading into Tuesday's finale, Evan Bass and Carly Waddell had a hot date and Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that they will carry that over into a hot overnight as well. As Entertainment Tonight shares, Evan fell hard for Carly in Mexico and by the end of filming, he was talking about wanting to marry her.

It seems that he is not shy about sharing his thoughts regarding how amazing she is and he also spoke about wanting her to meet his kids.

While proposals and such are usually kept under wraps until the finale airs, things have played out a bit differently this summer. Gossip guru Reality Steve shared Bachelor in Paradise spoilers as filming wrapped and now media outlets seem to be blasting the news on a more official level. It has become clear that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton are still together, and that Nick Viall and Jen Saviano break up.

Now ET is sharing that as Reality Steve detailed earlier, Evan and Carly do get engaged during this last episode.

WhichBachelor in Paradisecouples stick together?

At this point, Carly and Evan, along with the other two engaged couples consisting of Josh and Amanda as well as Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, are said to still be together.

Will any or all of them end up walking down the aisle? Viewers will have to stay tuned on that front, but many are rooting for Bass and Waddell in particular. They started off with some very awkward moments, but some Bachelor in Paradise fans think they fit together quite well and have a good shot at becoming a lasting couple.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers for the Season 3 finale tease that big moments are on the way for Evan Bass, Carly Waddell, and the other contestants remaining, and viewers cannot wait to see how it all plays out. Do you think any of these engaged duos will eventually make it down the aisle?

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