Carly Waddell and Evan Bass may have seemed like a rather unlikely couple heading into Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise, but they may have become a fan-favorite pair out of the three duos that got engaged in the finale. Carly and Evan are very much together and looking toward the future and fans are anxious to know what their plans are.

It definitely was not love at first sight for Evan Bass and Carly Waddell this summer on Bachelor in Paradise, but both shared with E! Online that their sweat lodge date was a significant turning point for both of them.

He says that he knew she was the one for him after that outing and she admits that this is the date that really shocked her in terms of realizing how strong her feelings for him were becoming.

Is thisBachelor in Paradise couple living together?

Evan and Carly got engaged in the finale and they shared that while she still officially has her own place in Nashville where they both live, she has slowly moved more and more of her stuff into his place and it sounds as if they are essentially living together now.

Waddell has met his three boys and they all seemingly get along very well, and Bass has met her extended family as well.

Waddell told People that they have great communication and that she just loves Bass. He admits that he is more emotional than most guys are on the franchise, but that Carly accepts him and he loves that. She details that she would “marry him tomorrow” and they both indicate that they are excited to tie the knot.

Officially, however, it doesn't sound as if they are rushing into setting a wedding date, although she has said she knows that he is the man she is going to marry.

Will all threeBachelor in Paradise couples last?

Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise produced three engagements, with viewers also seeing Josh Murray propose to Amanda Stanton and Grant Kemp get engaged to Lace Morris. While all three pairs are still together, many viewers have a hunch that Carly and Evan are the most likely to go the distance and despite early skepticism, Waddell and Bass have really won many fans over.

Do you think that Carly Waddell and Evan Bass could beat the odds and ultimately end up married? Bachelor in Paradise fans will be anxiously waiting for updates regarding all three couples and are hopeful that true love was found in Mexico for them all.

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