Canadian actor, Richard Hong, has been found dead in his Los Angeles home. Police suspect foul play may have been involved.

What do we know about the crime so far?

Hong was 41 at the time of his death. According to reports, he was found with blunt force trauma to the head, which was later confirmed by the Los Angeles County Coroner and is believed to have been his cause of death.According to reports, police were alerted to the attack thanks to phone calls reporting robberies in the Hollywood Heights area.

However, a roommate of Hong’s is believed to have been the first person to have come across his body, this past Friday, at 2:17 a.m.During the initial investigation, Hong’s identity was not immediately made available to the public after news of the murder came to light, as his next of kin were not yet identified over the happenings.

According to eye-witness reports, an unknown man wearing a black jacket, described as a thin, black man, was seen running away from the scene. Due to the early calls to police, it is speculated that the murder had been a robbery or break-in gone wrong.

As of Sunday afternoon, there have been no arrests made in the case and there are currently no identified suspects.

The house was rented from television personality, George Stroumboulopoulos, who himself is a Canadian television and radio personality. Stroumboulopoulos himself was said to have been in New York at the time of the attack. According to the police report, Hong was a Los Angeles resident and it is currently unknown why he rented a house from Stroumboulopoulos.

An upcoming actor’s early career cut short

According to reports, Hong was a native of Montreal who had moved to the Los Angeles area to further a career in acting, and he had also been an artist and surfer. According to sources, although Hong spent much of his life in Canada, he was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Hong’s acting credits include “Tied Up” and “Golf Cart Driving School,” both from 2004, and the upcoming 2016 film, “Perception.”

A childhood friend of Hong’s, John Struthers, released his condolences in a public statement, writing that Hong possessed a “good spirit and he always had a good attitude — smiling and fun-loving.” Hong’s sister, Virginia, released a similar statement, saying he had “a sweet, pure & free loving spirit,” and that he had been taken too soon.

Stroumboulopoulos also released a statement claiming to be “heartbroken” over what had happened.

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