Bruce Springsteen has been on the sidelines when it comes to the 2016 presidential campaign trail, which is unlike the New Jersey native who has been dubbed "The Boss." In the past he's been pretty vocal when it comes to politics, but he's been on a trail of his own these days.

No, Springsteen is not running for president... he's been on the concert trail! In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine Springsteen opened up about his thoughts on the 2016 elections and he didn't seem all that impressed with Donald Trump, in fact he called him a "moron."

Country under siege by a moron?

While the article with Springsteen's interview won't be out until the next issue of the magazine hits the stands, an excerpt released indicates Springsteen has some serious concerns over a possible Trumppresidency.

"The republic is under siege by a moron, basically," said the iconic rocker, who has been traveling around the country with his "River Tour" with the"E-Street Band."

Trump offers easy solutions to complex problems?

Springsteen does understand that the condition of the country today has left folks wanting and needing change. He conveys that the "deindustrialization" and the "globalization" has left its mark on people's lives over the past three to four decades and they are looking for someone who has solutions, according to theRolling Stoneinterview.

What rattles "The Boss" is that Trump comes along saying he has those solutions, but what he is offering up consists of "very simple answers to very complex problems." He does say that this could be "very appealing" to the people looking for solutions today, so it sounds as if he understands the infatuation for Trump, but just not agreeing with it.

What's up with Hillary?

So what does "The Boss" think about Hillary?

The piece of the interview that was released as a teaser to the article only has him saying a few lines about the first woman presidential candidate and then it stops. He is asked if Hillary is someone that he lacks enthusiasm for.

He answers "No. I like Hillary. I think she would be a very, very good president." Then the teaser ends. Is there a "but" coming or is Hillary who he really wants to be president?

You have to wait until the next issue of the Rolling Stone hits the stands to see where he is going with this!

Aging rockers rack up $22K fine?

So what's up with the $22,000 fine that Springsteen racked up? It was his music that did it, but it was Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts, that paid the fine. According to "Mass Live," Bruce Springsteen and the "E Street Band" played through the time set as the town's noise curfew and didn't stop playing until five minutes to midnight on September 14.

Foxborough had extended their curfew for the concert from 11:15 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. that night, but that just wasn't long enough for "The Boss" and his band to offer up their 32 song set.

A hint that the curfew didn't mean too much to the boys in the band came earlier that day. Jim Danko, who is a fan, tweeted guitaristStevie Van Zandtthat the town had a curfew. Stevie tweeted back... "We don't do curfews." And low and behold they didn't!

'We don't do curfews!'

This cost the folks from the Gillette Stadium, the Kraft Group, $22,000. They wrote the check to the town to pay that fine. Foxborough Town Manager Bill Keegan said that the Kraft Group cut that check and sent it off to the town without being asked to do this.

He also said that they did receive one noise complaint, but that was before the curfew.

You can say that Springsteen and the "E Street Band" finished off their 2016 "River Tour" with a bang, as that was their final scheduled concert for that tour! What better way for a group of aging rockers to make their mark than to rack up a fine of thousands of dollars?

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