Bret Michaels is a bit more than perturbed today after two thieves made off with his cell phone that was backstage as he performed in New Hampshire last week. Along with the cell phone there were other electronic devices these thieves swiped from his dressing room in the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom.

Hoodlums offered 24-hours

Michaels posted a plea on Facebook for the return of his cell phone and the other stolen items, giving the hoodlums 24-hours to return the goods with no questions asked. That deadline came and went Saturday and nothing was returned, reports the Boston Globe.

When the rocker first posted how he was ripped off by a couple of thieves he also included an image of the two that was taken by a security camera on the premises.

That image of the duo believed to have taken the goods can be seen below.

Rocker makes plea for his stuff

The post above explains that it is now a criminal offense and that the stuff they took is worthless to them because it is locked and they can't access the devices. According to Fox and Friends live on Tuesday morning, Bret Michaels has reached out to his fans for help on this. Since these hoodlums did not make an attempt to return the stolen merchandise, Michaels asked his fans to take a look at the two in the picture above and contact the police if they know who they are.

Tough to replace?

If Michaels is like everyone else, he's got numbers and information in his phone that is basically something that's hard to live without. Many people describe their electronic devices or Smartphones as having their "whole life" inside that tiny product.

This could be hard for him to replace, so chances are that is why he is desperate to get it back!

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