Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's recent divorce news has for sure been a shocking event for most fans. The accusations that have been made against Pitt have been surprising, to say the least to the former Hollywood couple's fan following, leaving many in an uproar.

Has Brad Pitt unfairly been made the bad guy in Brangelina divorce?

It was recently reported that the child abuse allegations made against Pitt were highly unlikely to lead to prosecution.

Despite Child Protective Services being involved and numerous allegations against Pitt claiming alcohol, weed, anger issues, and reports that Angie has allegedly kept him from seeing his children for the past several days, there has still been little said against Angelina Jolie on Brad's part.

It is, however, wondered if there will come a time when Brad says enough is enough and he will eventually go after Angie, revealing some dirty little secrets of his own?

At this point Pitt fans believe Brad has remained very respectful when it comes to Angelina, choosing not to air her dirty laundry publicly to the media. So far it appears as if he has taken the high road on this one by not blasting right back at the mother of his six children.

Will Brad Pitt fight back during divorce?

The kids have already been put through a lot in this divorce and as they get older will have access to all the nasty details that went down between their parents during this time.

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Hopefully it will not cause some major emotional issues at this time or down the road for them. In all fairness, though, it is obvious that there are some major and hurtful issues lurking in the Pitt-Jolie marriage. They have always come across, at least publicly, as a family-oriented, strongly united couple throughout their lives together. This is where their acting skills have obviously come in as a huge plus for the former couple.

It is also why so many fans are having such a difficult time with the news of their divorce. The fans, however, do not really know just what goes on between the couple behind the gates of their huge mansion. The perfect Hollywood illusion appears to be just that --an illusion. Behind all the fame, fortune and celebrity status when it comes down to it, they are just like everyone else -- except everyone else does not have their entire lives laid out for all to see.

It does appear at this time that the Brangelina divorce battle will get even nastier as time goes on unless Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie come to terms in a more orderly fashion.

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