Marlon James won the 2015 Man Booker Prize for the novel A Brief History of Seven Killings and recently sat down with Brad Pitt for an interview for The New York Times’ T Magazine for their upcoming Men’s Fashion issue. Pitt’s new film, the World War II drama, Allied, heads to theaters on November 23 and the duo had a chat on various different subjects.

In his report on the interview, James referred to Pitt as "the last real movie star to come out of Hollywood," and joked about the fact that Brad is a plant murderer.

Reportedly when they met in Brad's Plan B office in Beverley Hills, the plants were just "skeletal remnants," while Pitt explained this by saying he had been away for 10 months.

Brexit and Donald Trump

Speaking Brexit, Pitt – who has recently spent some time in Britain with Angelina Jolie-Pitt and family for the filming of Allied – said he never thought that would happen. He then immediately changed subject to talk about the Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Pitt said he can’t bring himself to think that Trump will actually win the presidency.

Comparing both Brexit and Trump, Brad went on to say that whatever brings people together is good, but what separates them is bad. He then went on to quote a line from his Oscar-winning film, The Big Short, about the 2008 global financial crisis, saying that when things are going wrong and we can’t find the reason, we start creating enemies.

Brad Pitt and the meteoric rise in popularity of Donald Trump

As reported by ET Canada, Pitt continued by saying that while he find’s Trump’s rise to popularity unbelievable, he does try to empathize with The Donald’s supporters. Brad himself comes from an Oklahoma, southern Missouri background, an area that tends to lean more towards Trump, so he tries to understand Trump’s success in drawing followers.

Summing up the situation, he said that the people who are suffering the most tend to bet for the party that would hurt them the most. According to Brad, part of Trump’s attraction is based more on instinct than logic or common sense. He said that the average American doesn’t have time to keep up with the news on all the TV channels as they are too busy trying to make a living. Suddenly they hear this voice (Trump’s) saying he feels the same as they do, and is fed up with things, and this just hooks into their DNA.

Brad Pitt speaks of hope for a brighter future

Pitt did say he believes there is hope for a brighter future, as long as people feel connected with each other.

He said we’re a global neighborhood now and are starting to understand each other more. However, referring again to both Brexit and Donald Trump, he says there is still this push for separation and isolation in the world. According to Brad, a Trump supporter is fighting against just about everything, going on to ask what does

According to Brad, a Trump supporter is fighting against just about everything, going on to ask what does The Donald mean by saying “take our country back?” Pitt said he wished that someone would explain that to him, asking where did it go?

During the interview, Brad performed a dramatic reading from James’ novel, A Brief History of Seven Killings, which is included below.

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