Angelina Jolie may have had a good reason to file for divorce from Brad Pitt now that the latest news has been revealed. Jolie filed for divorce after an alleged horrific incident on a private flight that was carrying the entire Jolie-Pitt family. When that flight ended there were Child Abuse allegations against a very drunk Brad Pitt.

Drunk and abusive on a private flight?

People Magazine has verified that not only is the Department of Child Welfare investigating these allegations, so is the FBI.

The FBI is involved because of the location of the alleged abuse, which was mid-flight from France back to the Jolie-Pitt's home in Los Angeles. Because it happened during a flight the jurisdiction falls to the FBI instead of local police.

Pitt allegedly got very drunk on the flight and started to get "verbally abusive" and "physical" with one of their six children, as the others watched. This was the reason behind Angelina's quick and urgent filing for divorce from Pitt. The story got sidelined this morning when the L.A.

Police Department denied they were investigating child abuse allegations against Pitt.

A short-lived debunking!

Suddenly the story was seen as "debunked," but that wasn't the case for long. Yes, the LAPD didn't get involved, but Child Protective Services as well as the FBIwere involved.This is only because the FBI took over the investigation due to the laws of jurisdiction.

The patriarch of the Jolie-Pitt clan has been cooperating with authorities regarding this investigation, according to People.

As far as just what the child suffered because of Pitt's alleged drunken behavior, that has not been divulged by authorities. According to Fox News live, as far as Brad Pitt having an affair with his co-star Marion Cotillard, she took to the media today with a statement adamantly denying those allegations.

Marion Cotillard denies affair?

Cotillard said that she is with her long-time love and the two are expecting their second child together.

Her man is the love of her life and she doesn't need anyone else, Cotillard said. She also said that she wishes Brad and Angelina the best and hopes they can work things out. As far as Brad Pitt's take on all of this, he denies any abuse at all towards his children.

Pitt's original statement was released just hours after the news of Angelina filing for divorce hit the headlines. He then said that he was "saddened" by Jolie filing for divorce. As the day went on reports of an angry Pitt emerged after Jolie made him out to be a "bad dad" in the divorce documents. He also said he was blindsided by this divorce filing.

Original info starts to make sense!

This new information would explain why Angelina said she "needed to protect her kids" and that she is divorcing Pitt for the "health of the family." These were rather odd remarks when not knowing what she was referring to at the time, which today is assumed to be these allegations.What a sad ending for this couple who seemed so happy for many years with their large brood of a family!

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