Brad Pitt is furious overAngelina Jolie making her divorce filing public, which is an odd move for the usually very private couple. Pitt said he begged her to handle this like an adult. Now that it is public she has "unleashed hell" and put their kids at risk, claims Pitt. He is very worried as the paparazzi is stationed outside of their house around he clock.

Kids are at risk

It is because of the kids thatPitt wanted to keep this divorce as private as possible and he is also furious that she is claiming she is doing this for the "health of the family." Pitt released a statement only hours after news of the divorce went public, according to The Telegraph.

He said he is "saddened" by her decision to file for divorce, but it was later that TMZ reported he was more than saddened, he was furious with his wife over her handling of the divorce! The Daily Mail reports that Pitt is peeved over the divorce papers claiming "he is a bad dad" who has alcohol and anger issues.

Jolie seeks full custody

Pitt isallegedlyaccusing Jolie of blindsiding him over this divorce and then again with her seeking full custody of the kids, which is something he vows to fight.

She is asking to have physical custody of the kids, with Brad allowed visitation upon her say-so.

Cheating rumors

With the rumors flying today it is hard to make sense over what has really happened to the Hollywood couple whose love affair rivaled those seen in box office hits. Pitt cheating with his co-star in the movie "Allies" is reportedly one of the reasons that Jolie has filed for divorce. Jolie reportedly hired a private detective who discovered that Brad was having the affair with Marion Cotillard, the 40-year-old actress.

His parenting skills and anger issues have also been named as part of the problem with their marriage. Jolie is not asking for spousal support, but she does plan to take complete charge of the kids. Brad said he will file for joint custody of their six children.

Jennifer Aniston gloating?

In the meantime, Jennifer Aniston has been trending on Twitter and in the headlines. The New York Post has a huge picture of her on the front page laughing.

This is the way people think she is reacting after hearing about the divorce. Friends of Aniston said she isn't surprised they are divorcing, but she is surprised their relationship lasted this long.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie met on the set of the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" movie and the rumors of a romance started to fly while Pitt was still married toAniston. While Pitt and Jolie waited until after Brad was divorced to officially announce their relationship, it was apparent to the masses that it started while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

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