What drove Angelia Jolie to file for divorce from Brad Pitt isn't clear yet. It wasn't his affair with nor pregnancy of Marion Cotillard, she says. What is clear is thatBradis being investigated on child abuse allegations in the wake of wife Jolieseeking divorce and custody of their six children. There were rumors that the Brangelinasplit was fueled by a hookup between Brad and "Allied" co-star Cotillard. When Cotillard announced she was pregnant and due in December, folks did the math and found that she would have conceived in March when she and Pitt were working together. Cotillard decried the Pitt liaison rumors and assured everyone that her baby was fathered by her long-time partner Guillaume Canet.

Brad Pitt child abuser?

A child abuse investigation against Brad Pitt stemmed reportedly from an incident on their private jet in which a "wasted" Brad flew into a rage and began verbally and physically abusing the children. This may explain why Jolie has filed for sole custody of the six kids--Maddox, 15,Pax, 12, Zahara, 11,Shiloh, 10, and twins Knoxand Vivienne, 8. Pitt may get visiting rights. Angelia claims that irreconcilable differences in parenting stylespushed her to seek a divorce. Pitt is known as the stricter of the parenting duo.

Affair between Pitt and Cotillard?

Marion says no, but Angelina evidently hired an investigator who saw Pitt with Cotillard during filming of their movie "Allied." Jolie didn't like the sex scenes between the pair and didn't trust he wasn't cheating on her.

That might not surprise given Pitt cheated on his ex-wife Jennifer Aniston with Jolie and caused that marriage break-up. The Jolie-Pitts have been a couple since around 2004 but only tied the knot two years ago. But aside from hurt in theJolie-Pittmenage, Marion Cotillard suffered too. Marion has her own reputation, partner, and a growing family to think of beyond Brangelina's drama.

She has a say and Cotillard says no such affair took place.She and Guillaume Canet (who is the father of her other child) are very happy. She's sorry about problems between Brad and Angelina but says she has no part in them. As Hello Giggles suggested, it's time to focus on the joyful news of Marion's and Guillaume's pregnancy, not vicious muckracking.

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