The debut of Bon Jovi’s 13th studio album "This House is not for Sale" marks a turning point in the career of Jon Bon Jovi. It comes on the heels of a tumultuous three-year period which saw great changes within his band and personal growth which has led to some of the band’s most personal tunes in years.

The lead singer of the group, Jon Bon Jovi, recently sat down with Extra TV to explain why this album is so symbolic to his career at this point.

“A lot of what I live through is in the lyrics of the songs,” said the singer and songwriter to Extra TV.

A Split With Songwriting Partner Richie Sambora Led To New Music.

At a crossroads in his career, the songwriter found himself without his core writing partner, Richie Sambora, after the guitarist opted to leave the band midway through the group’s last world tour in 2013.

“I just needed some kind of change,” he said. “It’s not about money; it’s about music,” stated the singer to Ultimate Classic Rock. Sambora has since formed both a professional and personal pairing with guitarist Orianthi.

On the heels of Sambora’s departure, the band focused on finishing their 2013 world tour with Phil X front and center as the guitarist’s replacement.

After the tour, Jon Bon Jovi finished his contractual obligations to Mercury/Island Records with the album "Burning Bridges." The self-described “fan album” was the last with tracks from Sambora.

"This House is not for Sale" will be the first band release in over 30 years without Sambora as Jon Bon Jovi's right-hand man and collaborator.

Jon Bon Jovi spoke to Billboard in early 2016 about the band’s big changes.

"I haven't seen him in over three years. He just didn't show up for work anymore. And that's the truth of the matter," the singer explained to the magazine. The band is now comprised of Jon Bon Jovi, David Bryan, Tico Torres, Hugh McDonald and Phil X.

"This House Is Not For Sale" About Integrity.

Today, the Jersey native is hopeful that "This House is not for Sale" will be not only embraced by fans as a tale of hope but a sign of the future for the band as well.

“There was a lot going on, at the end of the last tour, stuff with the band members changing around and trials and tribulations in the business of music, so it was a tumultuous last tour,” said the rock legend to Extra TV.

The singer continued, “The three years between then and now, out of great pains comes great songs. This record was simple, we just said, 'we have a lot to say and nothing to prove.'

The new album debuted with the title track, “This House is not for Sale.”

“There’s a lot of them… "This House Is Not for Sale" is as much of a statement as we’ve made before, this heart, this soul, this house is not for sale, it’s about my integrity,” the songwriter said in the interview of the album’s new music.

According to The Asbury Park Press, the band will play the new album in its entirety for a hometown show at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey on Oct. 1.

The paper reported that the show is one of four preview concerts that will also be held at the following locations; Oct. 10 at the Palladium in London; Oct. 17 at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto and Oct. 20 at the Barrymore Theatre on Broadway.

Tickets will not be sold for the New Jersey show. Fans have been directed to add their names to a subscriber list at the website for more information.

"This House is not for Sale" will be released Oct.


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