According to a new report from the folks over at the Soap Opera Digest news team, we're going to see the arrival of three, very special guests on CBS's hit soap opera show, "The Bold And The Beautiful." You guys can expect to see them show up on the October 25th, 2016 show, so be sure to make note of that on your TV calendars.

'Big Brother' stars will appear on the show

The guests characters are going to be played by none other than some of the recent "Big Brother" season 18 reality show stars: Paul Abrahamian, Da’Vonne Rogers and Victor Arroyo. Paul finished 2nd place on the show that votes out houseguests each week until only one is left standing at the end to claim a $500,000 check from the show.

Paul was awarded $50,000 for coming in 2nd place. Da'Vonne and Paul were both a part of the final jury that determined the winner.

Their roles are being kept a big secret

Unfortunately, the Soap Opera Digest news folks said that the show is currently keeping their characters and roles that they play in the storyline, kept well under wraps. Therefore, we are classifying them as mystery guests in every sense of the word. However, they did reveal that they will be sharing scenes with actor, Don Diamont aka Bill, and actor, Darin Brooks aka Wyatt.

So, that sheds a slight bit of light on what they might be doing on the show, but definitely not much. They revealed that the only reason they were even able to get that piece of intel, is because Paul actually posted a photo of the script on a Snapchat posting when he was on his way to the set with Victor back on September 23rd.

Apparently, this is a traditional thing that the Bold and The Beautiful crew likes to do with certain Big Brother players from time to time, usually right after the Big Brother Summer season ends in September.

New spicy spoilers for the Forresters, Wyatt, Steffy and more

In related news, we've some very spicy "Bold And The Beautiful" spoiler reveals for later this week.

On Thursday, September 29th, the Forresters will start throwing blame at one another in regard to the big Eric and Quinn situation. We're going to see Ridge continue his pursuit of trying to protect his family from Quinn.

Then on the Friday, September 30th episode, we'll see Steffy lash out at Quinn again.

Meanwhile, Wyatt is going to take a bold stand against the Forrester family! So, get ready guys because it definitely sounds like things will heat up to cap off this week.

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