“Big Brother” fans do not need to despair over Season 18 ending, as CBS is throwing them a new season right away, albeit with some buzzworthy changes. The show will not air on the network as the past seasons have. Instead, this one will exclusively play out on CBS All Access, a move that has been quite controversial with many fans. What else is known about this one?

'Big Brother: Over the Top' will bring one veteran back

Termed “Big Brother: Over the Top,” CBS All Access will debut the new digital-only season on Wednesday, September 28. As Buddy TV notes, there will be one returning player and America gets to choose whether that will be Jozea Flores from this past season or Jason Roy from Season 17.

America will not only choose the returning player, but new “Big Brother: Over the Top” teasers indicate that they will also choose the winner. Fans will also get to have some involvement when it comes to nominations and evictions, but full details have not been revealed on that front yet. “BBOTT” will still have a Head of Household and Power of Veto, but there is also something titled a “Safety Ceremony” on the way.

Will CBS' plan to go digital-only with 'BBOTT' work?

The network says that those subscribing to CBS All Access for “Big Brother: Over the Top” will get to watch all of the competitions and ceremonies live.

AWednesday night episode will show all of the drama from the prior week in a condensed hour of action and both the evictions and HOH competitions will be shown on Wednesdays as well. Deadline notes that there will be set broadcasts coming on each of the other days of the week as well that feature daily recaps and the various competitions and ceremonies.

The big question is, will “Big Brother” fans pay to have access to “BBOTT”? This has been a fairly controversial move by the network and people will be curious to see whether folks will shell out $5..99 a month to follow along with the action. The network is making a big push to drive subscribers to theirAll Access feature, with a couple of other digital-only shows on the way soon as well.

Will you be following along with “Big Brother: Over the Top” when it debuts on September 28?

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