"Big Brother 19" starts on September 28th. The first streamed season has promised to be "Over the Top" and to be very different than what superfans have become accustomed to from the televised version. The cast has been revealed and the houseguests are very different than the usual.

On the televised series we have seen model-like contestants. Girls with perfect bikini bodies and guys with sculpted abs that only packed a couple of shirts for the summer. Also, the age of the houseguests for this streamed season is different.

As the seasons progressed, "Big Brother" became a 20s-something game. This season the oldest houseguest is41 and2 are in their 30s.

Let's meet the houseguests!

Shane Chapman is a 24-year-old from Pisgah Forest, NC. He says he is a nose picker and can't see without his contacts.

Scott Dennis from Bangor, ME is 24-years-old. Playing "Big Brother" was one of his life goals. He tells us he is a virgin and he sweats a lot.

Justin Duncan is 27-years-old and from New Orleans, LA. He owns a seafood restaurant and says he is ready for whatever!

Whitney Hogg is a 21-year-old from Whitesburg, KY. Her westward travel history ends in western Kentucky. This is a big trip for her!

Neeley Jackson is a 33-year-old from Fort Worth, TX. When asked who her favorite past houseguest was, she chose Janelle Pierzina.

Danielle Lickey, a 23-year-old from Visalia, CA. She says that being away from her son will be the hardest part of the game.

Michael "Cornbread" Ligon is the oldest houseguest at 41.

He is from Augusta, GA and is a three time champ of the Redneck Olympics.

Monte Massongill is a 25-year-old from Olive Branch, MS. He is a self-proclaimed leader that has caused a guy to go into a seizure with one of his farts.

Kryssie Ridolfi is 31-years-old and from Schaumburg, IL. She is in a band named Evil Engine and claims to be a great manipulator.

Shelby Stockton is a 24-year-old recent law school grad from Simi Valley, CA.

She plans to pretend she is a waitress and play dumb.

Alex Willet is 25-years-old and lives in Dallas, TX. She says she has a low attention span and has to drink an energy drink before watching a movie in order to stay focused.

Morgan Willet is 22-years-old from Austin, TX. She says she is not afraid to be cutthroat and is in it to win.

Two sisters in the house?

We don't have confirmation that Alex and Morgan are sisters but they sure look alike and are from the same state. The chance is very good that we have a built in alliance as the game begins.

Don't forget to vote for which former houseguest will be joining the cast in the "Big Brother" house for the first streamed season!

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