Just a few days away from more "Big Brother" history! Never before has a reality series been streamed over the internet rather than being aired on TV. As the saying goes, "expect the unexpected"!

The houseguests will include 12 new players and 1 veteran chosen by America.CBS All Accesssubscribers can cast votes for either Jozea Flores or Jason Roy. While Jozea didn't last long on "Big Brother 18" after he proclaimed he was the messiah, Jason is a fan favorite. He is a superfan and knows a lot about the game.

What changes can we expect?

The online version of "Big Brother" will only last 10 weeks.That is about a month shorter than previous seasons of the show.

Another major difference is there will be no jury! America will have a say in who gets the prize of $500,000.There are several changes superfans will need to be aware of to make sure they don't miss anything. This season the audience will be involved like never before. America will vote in evictions, twists to change the game, and even the winner at the end.

Since the very beginning of "Big Brother" fans have asked for live, unscripted diary room sessions. This season that is exactly what is coming. Each Tuesday and Friday diary room sessions will stream live at 10:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 Central time.Each week there will be recaps to make sure fans keep up to date. On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 10PM there will be a quick recap of where things stand in the house.

This season will include a "Safety List". The Head of Household will name the "Big Brother" houseguests on that list at 10PM each Saturday and Sunday as well as revealing who is nominated for eviction on the Sunday episode. The Power of Veto Ceremony will be held at 4PM on Mondays and the live evictions will stream on Wednesdays from 10PM until 1AM.

Streamed version as popular as the televised version?

While it is always a plus to get an extra season of "Big Brother" it will be interesting to see how popular theCBS All Accessversion is compared to the traditional televised version. Though it is the same production team, there will be major differences!

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