It is almost time for the final vote on “Big Brother 18” and it is down to Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling. The final round for the Head of Household competition will be held live on Wednesday's finale, and that is when the winner will be crowned as well. There have been some interesting deals forming over the past few days and it is looking more and more solid regarding a Final 2 alliance. What's the latest?

Paul and Nicole seem tightly aligned

“Big Brother 18” spoilers have already revealed that Paul won Round 1 of the HOH competition and Nicole won Round 2. That means that Paul and Nicole will go head-to-head during Wednesday's show for a guaranteed spot in the final vote and that person will also decide which houseguest will sit in the other seat.

Corey Brooks told Nicole before he was voted out that he felt that Franzel should stick with James if possible for the Final 2, but she seems to be headed in another direction. Paul worked on her to commit to a deal with him, and while it initially looked like she was somewhat non-committal, "Big Brother 18" spoilers indicate that she seems to be all-in with this one.

James seems oblivious to being left out

James seems to think he is in a relatively decent position, having no idea that his fellow houseguests are celebrating and talking behind his back. Paul seems solid on taking Nicole with him if he wins HOH and as “Big Brother 18” spoilers via Big Brother Network indicate, Nicole seems determined to stick with Paul as well.

Both of them say that they have no interest in sitting next to James at that final vote, despite the fact that one, if not both, of these “BB18” houseguests may fare better with votes if they do stick with Huling.

As Online Big Brother notes, Nicole has spent a lot of time talking through the jury votes and comparing options in terms of sitting next to James versus Paul.

Many “BB18” fans think she is wrong on a few counts, but she seems to be determined to see her best bet as sticking with Abrahamian.

Will Paul and Nicole stick to their deal and leave James in third place when it comes to the finale? Will it be Abrahamian, Franzel, or surprisingly Huling taking home the $500,000 prize when the last “Big Brother 18” votes are cast?

Wednesday's finale should be a juicy one and viewers cannot wait to see these final moments play out.

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