The finale for “Big Brother 18” is almost here and the battle to win the final Head of Household title has started. Paul Abrahamian won the first roundand he will go straight to Round 3 set to play out during the live finale. Nicole Franzel and James Huling faced off for Round 2 and now “BB18” spoilers have revealed the outcome. Which of these two houseguests will face off against Paul?

Which contestant scored the latest 'Big Brother' win?

According to the spoilers from Big Brother network, Nicole beat James in the second round of the final HOH competition.

Franzel noted via the live feeds that it was the easiest competition she had ever done, and "Big Brother" spoilers indicate that James was heard admitting that it wasn't even close. Now Paul and Nicole will battle during the finale show and the winner will go to the final vote and decide who will be in the other seat against them.

How are things shaping up in terms of Final 2 deals? Everybody is scrambling to make deals and it can be a bit challenging to figure out which ones are likely legitimate.

As Buddy TV notes, Paul and Nicole did some celebrating after this last competition while James was in the diary room. "Big Brother" spoilers detail that they talked about now guaranteeing that they are the Final 2 with one another. However, not everybody is so sure that James can be counted out.

Which 'Big Brother 18' Final 2 deal will prevail?

Before his eviction, Corey talked with Nicole and urged her to take James with her to the final vote if she had the chance.

At this point, Big Brother Network notes, Paul and Nicole were talking in great detail about the votes and taking one another to the Final 2.“Big Brother” spoilers note that she was very noncommittal when James asked her about her plans. Will she stay committed to Paul or will she flip on him if she wins HOH and take James instead?

Many fans think that Paul is likely to win “Big Brother 18,” but this game isn't over yet.

Round 3 of the HOH competition and the votes for the winner will be cast soon in the finale episode and “BB18” viewers are anxious to see how this all plays out. Which houseguest do you think will win?

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