The finale of Big Brother 18 is right around the corner and it's going to be a fierce battle to the end. The final three houseguests have been determined and the last Head of Household competition has begun. Who won Round 1 according to the available BB18 spoilers?

Big Brother 18deals are being made

As viewers saw this week, Paul Abrahamian won the last HOH as well as the Power of Veto, and he nominated Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel. He coordinatedwith James Huling to evict Corey, thus determining the Final 3.

James thinks he has a plan with Paul to get to the Final 2, but Paul has also been working to convince Nicole that she should be in those last two seats with him. She agreed to that plan to an extent, but in talking with Corey before his eviction, they noted that she probably would stand a better chance if she went with James.

Round 1 of the final HOH competition did not play out on the live feeds as is usually the case, but Big Brother spoilers have emerged anyway. According to Big Brother Network, Paul won.

That means that he will skip ahead to Round 3, while Nicole and James will do battle in Round 2. The winner of that second competition will face off with Paul to determine the final HOH.

Which two will stick together onBig Brother 18?

Hamsterwatch confirmed Paul's win via Twitter. While some wonder if James might have ended up throwing the first competition to Paul, Big Brother spoilers detail that James was seen on the feeds afterwards noting his disappointment over his loss.

Additional live feed chatter showed Paul talking with Nicole about their plan to stick together, but BB18 fans aren't so sure that Nicole is all that committed to this scenario.

Who will win Big Brother 18? The answer will be revealed during Sunday night's finale, but additional BB18 spoilers regarding Round 2 of the HOH competition and further deal chatter among Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling should emerge over the next few days.

Which houseguest are you hoping scores the win?

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