Big Brother 18 live feed spoilers tease that a blindside may be in the works this week. It looks like the final four alliance--Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel--decided that Natalie Negrotti is a dangerous player and needs to go immediately. James Huling believes he is the target and has been prepping Natalie about how to make it to the final three. It looks like she won't get that chance and James will go on a rampage when he learns Nicole and Corey blindsided him once again.

The HOH, nominations, and POV results

So far, this week has been eventful on Big Brother 18. Victor won the HOH competition this week, and as expected nominated James and Natalie for eviction.

After a five hour POV competition, Corey won the POV, leaving the final four with all the power for the week. Of course, they will not use the POV on either nominee, but they are planning to blindside James in a strange way. Instead of the usual blindsiding someone by sending them out the Big Brother front door, this time, they plan to keep James. The fan favorite believes that Natalie is safe, but that's not the case. Nicole ensured that the target stayed on Natalie's back because she wants James to stick around for another week.

The blindside

Big Brother 18 overnight live feeds revealed that Nicole successful convinced Paul and Victor that getting rid of Natalie was a better idea. Sheconvinced them that Natalie is a dangerous player and unless she is evicted, they could go next.

Nicole is partly correct too--Natalie revealed that her targets if she wins HOH next week would be Paul and Nicole. It would be a smart move to oust her now because James may forgive Nicole and Corey for their betrayal in order to secure a spot in the final three.

The plan

So far, the plan is to make James think that he's leaving the Big Brother house, only to toss Natalie out instead.

they plan to blindside James and believe that it will come as a shock to Natalie that she is the real target. Little do they know, Natalie suspects their plan already, and will probably work all week to convince James that he's actually staying.

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will leave the house on Thursday, Natalie or James?

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