Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that another alliance shakeup could be in the works. PaulAbrahamian proposes that he and James Huling work together to break up Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks. Paul tells James that neither of them has a prayer of making it to the final two with both of them in the house. And, he also implied that it may be time to target Corey, since he seems to be the stronger player.

Paul's proposition

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paul tells James that unless they do something, they will be targeted next.

Apparently, Paul thinks this is the perfect time to target Corey because he cannot play in the next HOH competition. James wasn't sure what to do because he feels like "he owes NiCorey" after they saved him. Paul tells him that the $500K grand prize is only eight days away, so now is the time to start playing the game. Will James listen and team up with Paul?

Next HOH competition

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the next HOH is a big one, possibly the most important one of the season. And, Corey will not be able to compete which could put his game in danger.

Unless Corey wins the last POV competition of the season, he could be the next person evicted. His only hope of guaranteed survival is if Nicole wins the HOH competition. Paul believes the chances of that happening are pretty slim. He seems to think the stress of holding both of their games in her hands will stress her out and cause her to perform poorly.

What will James do?

Big Brother Network seems to think that James will stay loyal to NiCorey after they saved him a few times during Season 18.

They think he willstay loyal to Nicole even it means he is evicted. He didn't seem affected by Paul's chit chat, and it seemed as if he wasn't really listening to the reasons why it could be the perfect time to take aim at Nicole and Corey. In James' mind, the perfect final three is Nicole, Corey, and himself. He has convinced himself that he will go out in third place and is happy with that placement.

Do you think Paul can convince him to go after the big fish in the house and give himself a real shot at winning the game?

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