Big Brother 18 is almost over and the fans are getting antsy to find out who will win the game on September 21. Natalie Negrotti was evicted from the house on Thursday evening and Corey won the HOH (Head of Household) competition. Last night, Corey was faced with the difficult decision to nominate two houseguests for eviction. It is a difficult decision when there are only five people left in the game.

The nominations

Big Brother Network reports that Corey had a hard choice when naming his nominations.

Does he stick with Paul and Victor and put James on the block? Or, would it be better to turn on them and protect James by taking him to the final three?Victor and Paul never suspected that "NiCorey" would nominate and target them for eviction. When Corey named them as the weekly nominees, Victor first thought he must have a backdoor option in mind. After they pretty much ignored them since taking over the HOH, Paul figured out that they are the target for Week 12.

The plan for POV

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that the plan is for James, Corey, or Nicole to win the POV and keep the nominations the same.

If Paul or Victor wins the POV, it will force Corey to put James on the block, which would put his game in serious jeopardy. The best case scenariois for James to win the POV, and decide not to use it. It would keep the nominations the same, and send Victor out the door next.

Final two deal

Big Brother 18 live feeds indicated that Corey and Nicole decided that James is their final two option. Of course, they didn't discuss it with him yet, but they decided that no matter which one wins the final three HOH, they will take James to the end.

The reason was simple--they believe that it will be a close win if they sit next to each other, but next to James, it will be an easier win. I'm not sure it would be that easy against James either; he has made many deep connections in the house and has a real chance to win the game.

The POV competition will be played today and the winner will have the option to "veto" one of the nominations. Who do you want to win the POV comp this week?

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