It's time for the “Big Brother 18” finale and spoilers tease that the final moves in this game could be juicy ones. Only three houseguests remain, James Huling, Nicole Franzel, and Paul Abrahamian, and by the end of Wednesday's finale, one of them will be $500,000 richer. What “BB18” spoilers are available regarding the last Head of Household competition and the final vote?

What's the situation heading into Round 3 of the final 'Big Brother 18' HOH competition?

As previous “Big Brother 18” spoilers have detailed, Paul won Round 1 of the HOH competition and Nicole won Round 2.

This means that they will go head-to-head during Wednesday's finale as James sits on the sidelines and watches. Paul has worked hard to convince Nicole that they should stick together in a Final 2 deal, and she has seemed as if she committed to this.

However, Franzel's whisperings overnight via the live feeds suggest that she is changing course. Nicole has seemed fairly believable in her commitment to take Paul if she wins HOH, and he definitely appears to be committed to taking her. “Big Brother 18” spoilers detail that she was running through the votes by herself overnight and as Big Brother Network details, she seemed to realize that as Corey had suggested, sitting next to James at the Final 2 is her better bet.

Will Nicole and Paul both stick to their 'Big Brother 18' deal?

Franzel has talked a lot about wanting to sit next to the best of the best in the finale, indicating that she saw Paul as the rightful opponent over James. As she counted the votes overnight, she noted that she probably cannot beat Paul. “Big Brother 18” spoilers note that she talked about wanting to keep James unprepared and she seemingly indicated that she doesn't see Paul sticking with their Final 2 deal either.

As Buddy TV notes, Paul does seem to remain fully committed to taking Nicole if he wins HOH. He continued to work on her regarding their alliance overnight and Franzel seems to be torn over what to do. Of course, Nicole's indecision only matters if she wins Round 3 of the HOH competition. If Paul wins, he surely takes Nicole. If she wins, she will need to decide whether to backstab Paul and take James, or take a risk in sitting next to Abrahamian.

Which houseguest will win 'Big Brother 18'?

Who will win “Big Brother 18”? If either Nicole or Paul take James with them, most “BB18” fans feel certain that James will lose. If Paul and Nicole go together, it could be an interesting vote. While there is a lot of talk that Abrahamian would take the win, many see a case to be made for Franzel walking away with the $500,000 instead.

Do you think that Nicole Franzel will stick with her deal with Paul Abrahamian, if she wins Head of Household, or will she shake things up and take James Huling? The “Big Brother 18” finale airs Wednesday night on CBS and fans cannot wait to see how things play out in this one.

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