"Big Brother 18" is coming to an end. The final six were locked in on Thursday night with Victor rising to power as the new Head of Household (HOH) after Michelle was evicted. With a final four deal in place with Nicole and Corey, Victor had no choice but to nominate James and Natalie.

This morning Natalie decided to make a bold move and attempt to talk to Victor and Paul. According to Jokers Updates, Natalie completely threw James under the bus. She claimed she trusted the wrong person and regrets it.

Now she wants to work with Victor and Paul, but they aren't buying it. In fact, once she walked away, they began dissing her.

Natalie doesn't admit to the entire conversation

Of course, when she tells James the version of events, she neglects to tell him she dogged him to the other guys. They will be playing the Power of Veto today at some point and James has even offered to use it on her. He is proclaiming his love for her and she is stringing him along like a lost puppy dog. If he doesn't snap out of it quickly, he could blow up his own game.

"Big Brother" fans are beside themselves watching the final six in the house. The "bromance" happening between Paul and Victor is the only real alliance in the house. Nicole and Corey are more worried about a relationship in the house, though he isn't so interested in seeing outside of the game as he admitted on the live feeds. James has been so involved with Natalie and trying to begin a relationship with her that his game has been severely affected.

There was so much potential at the beginning of the season and now, Paul and Victor are in the lead with who viewers want to see in the final two.

James and Natalie have one shot to save themselves

The POV is important tonight as it will decide if Nicole or Corey will become a replacement nominee. That is the best case scenario for James and Natalie, especially if they can get Paul and Victor to flip on their alliance with the other two.

Anything can change in an instant in the "Big Brother" house, especially after being locked in there for three months. Tonight's competition will determine how far James and Natalie go, and who will end up in the jury house on Thursday night.

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