Wednesday night brings a significant episode of Big Brother 18 and spoilers tease that viewers will not want to miss this one. As had been revealed ahead of Tuesday's show, Victor was evicted and Paul won Head of Household, and now there is a Power of Veto competition and a live eviction on the way. How are things shaping up for this one?

WhichBig Brother 18 houseguest won the POV?

According to Big Brother Network and the BB18 live feeds, Paul managed to win the Power of Veto. At this point in the BB18 game, there is only one person voting, and that is the person who manages to stay off of the block.

Right now, Corey and Nicole are nominated and James is that key vote, but will Paul use the POV to switch things up at all?

Based on the Big Brother spoilers via the live feeds overnight, Paul will leave the nominations as is. James then gets to cast that decisive vote for eviction. Nicole and Coreywere both feeling quite anxious about this, and they were both questioning James quite a bit about his intentions. James wasn't game to revealhis decision to them at that point. However, he did quite a bit of talking to Paul throughout the night.

As Buddy TV noted, James initially told Corey and Nicole that he didn't want to have to decide which of them to vote out. Instead, he wanted them to decide and let him know.

However, Big Brother 18 spoilers note that James chatted with Paul extensively and Paul made it clear that he wants Corey gone and that he's leaving the nominations in place, so James will need to cast that vote.

The nextBig Brother 18 eviction is seemingly set

As the evening wore on, Paul also talked with both Corey and Nicole and now everybody knows what Paul's intentions are, and it looks like James will go along with the plan.

During Paul's time talking with Nicole, Big Brother spoilers indicate that he pushed her to commit to a Final 2 deal with him, noting that he's the one she can do best with at the end. However, in conversations later in the night with Corey, they discussed the idea that she really needs to go to the final vote with James over Paul.

After Wednesday night's live eviction, the final Head of Household competition will begin. As has been done in past seasons, this is expected to be a three-part competition and the initial phase should be an endurance battle. Stay tuned for additional Big Brother 18 spoilers as James, Paul, Nicole, and Corey head into this next eviction and the final three are determined.

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