With Corey as Head of Household and Nicole holding the Power of Veto, Victor and Paul were the two on the block. Corey named Victor as his target and everyone seemed on board.

Whyare the live feeds down?

The feeds have been pulled down until Tuesday night at 9PM PST. Victor was being evicted today and the taping will be shown tomorrow evening as well as the HOH competition.

This has been a summer of betrayal and broken promises for Victor and Paul. Every alliance they tried to join has blown up and turned their back on them. Paul and Victor are both strong competitors and the other Big Brother houseguests have used that when they thought it would take them further.

Each time someone has turned on the bromance, they say it is because Victor is a competition beast and Paul is strong on the memory comps.

Moving forward Paul will need a new ally. He spent time last night discussing strategy with James. The two realize that Nicole and Corey are loyal to each other over everyone else. They need each other to make it further.

The HOH that will be played tonight after Victor is evicted is a very important one. Corey will not be able to play as the outgoing HOH. If Nicole does not secure the HOH it is likely that her or Corey will be leaving before the three part HOH is played to determine the Final 2 of Big Brother 18.

Who do you want to win?

Everyone has a favorite to win at this point in the Big Brother game.

James has a fan base that loves him from last season. He was distracted from the game for a while with Natalie but is back on target now that she has gone to the jury house.

Nicole and Corey have a large fan base who support them. They have spent more time this summer focusing on each other rather than the game, however.

This has left many asking what they have done to deserve to win if one of them makes it to the Final 2.

Paul has managed to hang in there through all the betrayal and backstabbing in the Big Brother house. After losing Victor, he has to make sure he has his own back even if James does prove his loyalty to him.

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