The Big Brother house is divided and the Final 4 alliance holds all the power. Victor is the Head of Household and stayed true to his alliance with his nominations. Natalie and James were put on the block to face eviction.When all the Big Brother houseguests competed in the Power of Veto it was close. Corey managed to win the competition but Natalie was a close runner-up. This made the Final 4 alliance rethink their original plan.

Who was the original target for eviction?

James had been the one Victor wanted to see go to the jury house on Thursday in the live eviction.

He had even told Natalie that she was not the target and he had put her up as a pawn. After how well she did in the POV Competition, however, Victor, Paul, Corey and Nicole began to rethink things.At one point Natalie approached Victor and Paul to tell them that when she had been HOH it was not her idea to target them but instead wasthe idea of James. Paul and Victor saw it as what it was -- throwing James under the bus in order to try to save herself.

Was the POV used to vetoone of Victor's nominees?

The POV Ceremony was held today. Corey faced the Big Brother houseguests and announced that he would not be vetoing one of Victor's nominees. The showmance between Natalie and James will end this week as one is evicted from the house and becomes the 6th member of the jury.

Victor and Paul have developed a very strong alliance with Nicole and Corey. Nicole had originally wanted James to be in the final 5 and it looks as though she may get her wish.

Not because she has persuaded her alliance but because Natalie has alienated them even further.Going forward the game only gets tougher from here. The next HOH will be held Thursday night. That HOH will nominate half of the remaining Big Brother houseguests for eviction and may possibly have to cast a tie-breaking vote to evict.

Next week the schedule for the show changes. We are getting close to the finale and the crowning of the winner.

Who do you think has what it takes to make it to the very end?

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