Victor is the Head of Household in the Big Brother house. With a Final 4 alliance in place, Natalie and James are nominated for eviction. It was a good game move on Victor's part because his last eviction was while Natalie shared the HOH with Michelle. Obviously, he can't trust them after that.

Natalie and James have spent a lot of time talking about how they got to the point where they are In the Big Brother game. They realize that putting Victor up for eviction during Natalie's HOH wasn't a good move.

Instead of standing by Victor and Paul, they betrayed them. Natalie, however, has approached Paul and Victor to lay the blame on James. Neither Victor or Paul was impressed that Natalie would throw James under the bus like that after using him to keep her safe all summer.

All Big Brother houseguests played in the POV

All of the Big Brother houseguests participated in the POV. According to Joker's Updates, it was an individualcompetition with the waiting houseguests sequestered in the HOH. When the feeds came back, Corey was wearing the POV.

This leaves all the power for the week in the hands of the Final 4 alliance.

When the nominations were first set, Victor said that James would be the target this week. The alliance is working together and being strategic about the POV. They immediately started having discussions of the benefits of each nominee leaving in the eviction. They are even trying to guess what the next HOH competition may be so they know which of the two would be weaker at particular types of competitions.

Though James was the initial target, the final decision is days away.

James expects to be evicted!

James has resigned himself to being the next evicted from the Big Brother house. Victor had assured Natalie she was not the target prior to her going to him and Paul about being influenced by James when she nominated Victor.

The Big Brother houseguests will hold the POV Ceremony on Monday which is Labor Day.

The POV comp, as well as the POV ceremony, will both be shown on Wednesday night.

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