Paul won the Head of Household Competition after Victor was evicted from the Big Brother house, securing his spot in the final 3. Considering Nicorey had just betrayed him and Victor, it was obvious who would be nominated for eviction.

Who is leaving tonight?

James and Paul realized they need each other if they plan on making it to the final 2. With a plan in mind, Paul nominated Corey and Nicole for eviction. At the Power of Veto Competition Paul was again the winner. The nominations were locked when Paul put the POV away. Corey and Nicole asked that they know beforehand who Paul wanted to leave the house.

In the spirit of "friendship" Paul obliged and told them that Corey would be leaving.

Paul offered the HOH room to Nicole and Corey last night because it was their last night together in the Big Brother house. They decided to stay in their bed downstairs instead. Once alone and the house was quiet, the conversation began.

Nicole assesses her game

Nicole and Corey had a lengthy conversation about the game and how to proceed. Nicole has felt a degree of loyalty to James since the beginning of the season but hasn't always shown it. Now that she will be without Corey, she needs a new wing man. James will fill that spot.

Nicole told Corey last night that she felt like she had played a good game this year.

Corey agreed completely that they have both been wonderful players this season. They both know that against Paul in the final 2 she will not win. The jury members would be more likely to vote for him to win the grand prize of $500,000.

Nicole plans to work with James after Corey leaves. She wants to take him to the final 2 with her.

Nicole feels that she has a shot at beating James but she also feels that she owes it to him to end the game being loyal.

Nicole feels that she has exercised good strategy in the game but is nervous about the questions of the jury if she does make the final 2. If asked what her biggest move of the game was she is unsure of what to say.

Corey couldn't come up with an answer either. The time alone in the house may help her prepare.

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