The "Big Brother"finale is fast approaching. With the three part HOH under way, we know that Paul won the endurance competition for part 1. Last night the houseguests were called out for the next round.According to "Joker's Updates" part 2 started at 11PM PST last night. The competition involved questions and picture frames. Nicole managed to do the competition in 7 minutes,beating James.

Talk of the Final 2

There have been so many conversations regarding Final 2 in the house. James expects both Paul and Nicole to want him in the 2nd seat next to them at the end.

Nicole and Paul have both told James he had the seat as well. Of course, they are also telling each other that they have the Final 2 all locked up. When alone they both say that they will be evicting James.

Paul and Nicole had a conversation regarding jury votes. Both feel that it is obvious that Paul has Victor's vote and Nicole has Corey's. Paulie will not want to vote for Paul but may have trouble giving a woman his vote. Zakiyah is a wild card and could go either way. Bridgette will probably vote for Paul.

James would vote for Nicole if Paul were the one to evict him. Natalie would give her vote to Paul. Michelle would vote for Paul. Da'Vonne will vote for Nicole. With each player needing five votes to win, it will be close, possibly all coming down to Zakiyah and who gets her vote for the $500,000.

History making season on "Big Brother"

This season of "Big Brother" has had history made with Victor entering the house a record three times!

No player has ever made it back in more than once before. At the Final 6, this season had two showmances and a bromance. Never has that happened because the cast normally breaks up pairs early in the game. This season the couples banded together to survive and it worked.

As for drama, this season had Paulie. He was enough drama for several seasons, not only in the "Big Brother" house but also in the jury house.

Let's not forget his Dad on "Twitter" with Evil Dick. He is arguably one of the most controversial players in the history of the game.

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