Nicole has spent the summer with Corey. Until recently they focused more on each other than theBig Brother game. The majority of their time was spent in bed while everyone else was interacting with each other.When they finally did start playing the game they formed a final 4 alliance with Jatalie. The two shomances planned to go to the end together and then battle it out for the grand prize. When Natalie's HOH ended with Victor evicted and winning a battle back for the 2nd time, the alliance of the shomances fell to the side as Nicorey joined forces with Paul and Victor. The alliance named Final 4 was formed and they have been solid from that point on.

Is Corey serious about Nicole?

Corey has told Victor that he is not interested in a relationship with Nicole outside the Big Brother house.Thischanged how Victor interacts withNicole. He became more flirtatious and began to pay her a lot more attention.Live feeders have noticed the change for sure. Social media has had a lot of posts, comments, and opinions on the subject.

Victor recently approached Nicole to ask if she would like to go on a date once they areoutside ofthe Big Brother house. Nicole, ignoring the fact that Victor felt this was appropriate, told Corey about it. He as well acted like it was no big deal. The writing is on the wall and Nicole isn't seeing it.

Paul is apparently a fan of Nicole's as well.

He has been loyal to Victor but knows he can't beat him if they are the Final 2. According to Inquisitr,he approached Nicole to see how she feels about the two of them dumping their partners and going for the last two seats beside each other.

Nicole feels very secure in her relationship with Corey. She has even told him that she would be willing to relocate so that they can continue their relationship after the show but the conversation went nowhere.

She has no idea that Corey is not as committed to her as she is to him.

Will Nicole face facts or be shocked when Corey pulls away?

As the Big Brother game moves towards the finale there is sure to be more drama. Hopefully Nicole will face the truth about where things stand with Corey while she still has a chance to make a move in the game.

No matter what, Nicole has some disappointment and heartache ahead of her.

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