It's go time! We are in the last days of the season in the "Big Brother" house. With Paul, James, and Nicole as our final three, the battle begins to determine the final HOH.Paul was the last HOH and successfully broke up the finalshowmance between Nicole and Corey. What a change since the final 6. At that time there were three couples left in the game making "Big Brother" history. Never before have three showmances and bromances made it to the end. Usually, they are broken up early in the game to break the strength of two.

With one left from each of the final 3 partnerships, it is anyone's game....

or is it? There are new negotiations going on and new deals being made. Everyone has to rethink their strategy since they have all lost their "ride or die".

Part 1 of the final HOH is held!

When part 1 of the HOH was held the live feeds were turned to fish and live feed subscribers weren't allowed to watch. Shortly after the feeds returned word was getting out. "Joker's Updates" reported that Paul was the winner. We know that he has approached both James and Nicole individually regarding a Final 2 deal.

Nicole and James are set to faceoff in Part 2 of the HOH competition. They have discussed their intent to stand by each other and take eachother to the Final 2. Well, after Paul won the first part, Nicole told James that no matter what he was the one she planned on taking.

He asked if he threw the comp to her, would he be secure. She again assured him he was. It sounds like we will see James throw yet another competition and float until the bitter end.

Deals, deals, deals.....

Now, we know that deals and side deals are what "Big Brother" is all about. Nicole and Paul have had several conversations about going to the Final 2 together.

Before Corey left him and Nicole had discussed which was better to go against for the jury vote and they had decided that Paul would be tougher than James to beat.

We are days away from the winner of "Big Brother 18" being crowned. Things change quickly in the house so don't miss thefinal shows of the season!

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