Corey was the recipient of America's Care Package that contained a $5,000 bribe to offer to a fellow houseguest. He has had a lot of ideas but finally settled down to two. He spent some time going back and forth and finally made a decision.

What ideas has he batted around?

He joked in the beginning that he wouldbribe a Have to take his spot as a Have Not. Several ideas were along those great lines but hefinally settled between either bribing Nicole with it so that they could share in it after the Big Brother finale or bribing Victor to vote out Michelle tomorrow.

Nicorey realized if Nicole were going to get the bribe, Corey should have bribed her to not use the POV. Because the Diary Room had to approve the bribe, chances are he couldn't pull one over on Big Brother.

It took Corey six trips to get approval fromthe Diary Room according to Joker's Updates. Big Brother called him in several times to discuss it as well as him going to them for clarification. In the end, Victor was offered the$5,000 bribe to vote for Michelle to be evicted just as he had planned to do.

Paul and Victor were both very impressed at their offer of "friendship" by doing this.

At the live eviction tomorrow night, Michelle and Paul will watch their housemates each go to cast their vote. Jatalie will each vote for Michelle to stay. Victor and Corey will vote for Paul to stay. With a tie of 2 to 2, it will be up to Nicole to break the tie as Head of Household. She will evict Michelle in front of everyone.

This will be the first tie-breaker of the season.

What does this mean to the game?

The lines will be completely obvious to everyone tomorrow night at the eviction. It will be clear that Nicorey have officially teamed up with Victor and Paul. With Michelle evicted, Jatalie is alone. Last week they thought they were solid with Nicorey for a showmance filled final four.

Nicole and the guys will be dominant in the house.

Every HOH at least two of the guys will compete. Endurance will be covered. Nicole, Paul and Victor are always studying together so mental comps are covered as well.

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