Big Brother is a game of twists and turns. Things change in the blink of an eye and allies become enemies quicker than we can keep up with. Each season brings promises and betrayals. The cast this year has not disappointed in this area.

Backstabbing and broken alliances

Victor and James have been the odd pair out for most of the summer. Every alliance they have tried to be a part of has betrayed them in the end. Nicorey has now joined the former allies of the Big Brotherbromance to turn on them.

Last week Victor kept Nicorey safe and showed his loyalty by nominating Jatalie for eviction. After the live eviction of Natalie, the HOH competition was held.

With Corey winning he had to name the next nominees. He and his showmance Nicole decided to nominate Paul and Victor, burying the knife deep in their backs and severing the ties of the Final 4 alliance. Corey identified Victor as his target and Paul as the pawn.

And the winner of the POV is...

The POV is critical for Paul and Victor. One will need to hold the power to veto a nomination and remove themselves from the block. If Nicorey or James win the POV, the nominations would be set and one of the bromancewill relocate to the Big Brotherjury house.

According to Joker's Updates the POV Competition was thecomic strips. Nicole won the POV by completing the competition in 13 minutes, putting all the power in the hands of Nicorey for the week.

Unfortunately for Victor and Paul, thisis the worst case scenario.We can expect the POV will not to be used to veto a nomination. The two will be sitting next to each other on Thursday night as Nicole and James cast the live votes to evict. Unless the house flips again.

The next HOH will be held after the eviction and all of the Big Brother houseguests will be allowed to compete.

This will be an expedited week, however. The only HOH to have the house less time than the upcoming one is Corey when he won during the live eviction. There is still time for more twists and changes as the Big Brother game draws closer to the finale.

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