Tonight we tuned in to Big Brother withPaul and Michelle on the block, just where Nicole left them last night when she didn't use the Power of Veto. Corey, however, had used the bribe from the care package to make sure Victor kept his vote to evict Michelle and didn't change his mind. Paul and Victor were both very happy and saw it as solidifying their Final 4 alliance with Nicorey.

How did the vote to evict go?

As the live votes were cast, we saw the count we expected - Jatalie gave their votes to evict Paul while Victor and Corey voted to evict Michelle.

Nichole cast the first tie-breaker vote of the season to send Michelle to the Big Brotherjury house. In typical Michelle fashion she went out the door giving her thoughts on several of the houseguests and grabbed up Pueblo to throw to the audience.

With the Head of Household up for grabs, the guys and Natalie head out to compete as Nichole watched. The competition was Poached Eggs where they had to maneuver eggs through chicken wire and ramps to knock down the letters "HOH".

Who won Head of Household?

According to Joker's Updates, James had a hard time with the competition while Corey, Paul, Victor and Natalie all were in a tie for the win. Each took several shots at their final "H" beforeVictor finally won the Head of Household competition.

There is no doubt where loyalties lie. With the Final 4 alliance in power again this week, Jatalie should be the nominees for eviction.

if that is the case, Natalie should be evicted before James if the alliance continues on the plan they have been discussing.

No Have Nots for the week!

Another part of the Poached Egg competition was to get an egg in the "Have" spot in order to be a Have for the week. Each of the Big Brother houseguests put an egg there except Victor and Natalie. Victor had used each egg to take a shot for the win and Natalie is safe because of her Never Not pass.

This week there are no Have Nots in the Big Brotherhouse. Perfect timing for a barbecue for Labor Day.

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