We now have five former Big Brother houseguests in the jury house and six left in the game. The next live eviction will bring the house to the Final 5. The schedule for the show will change and the battles will begin to get our Final 2.

After the eviction on Sept 8th, the Head of Household will be held. Victor will not be allowed to compete and will need his allies to keep the power in their hands. This appears to be an expedited week with the way the rest of the schedule falls. There are rumors that there will be an eviction that airs on the 13th which will bring the Big Brother house down to the Final 4!

Once down to four Big Brother houseguests, they will all be allowed to compete for the next HOH. ThatHOH will determine who goes to the Final 3.The winner will nominate two for eviction as usual and the only remaining houseguest not on the block will make the decision of which will leave for the jury house. Then the fun begins!

The Final 3 will begin to battle each other for the final HOH. The Big Brother houseguests will all compete to determine the winner of the first part of the battle for HOH. The two that don't win will battle again for the second winner. Once we have the two winners, they will face off to determine who is the final HOH of the season. That houseguest will then pick which of the two remaining houseguests they will face in the Final 2!

Gearing up for the finale!

The Final 2 will have a few days to sit in the house and wait, along with the nerves, the excitement, and the anticipation. The boring feeds and the time of the season where we would rather have live feeds in the jury house rather than the Big Brother house. It is the longest time of the game for them and the fans.

Don't forget to tune in to watch the jury cast their votes live for the winner of Big Brother 18!

Schedule through finale

Sun Sept 4th: 8pm/7pm CST

Wed Sep 7th: 8pm/7pm CST

Thurs Sept 8th: 9pm/8pm CST

Sun Sept 11th: 8pm/7pm CST

Tues Sept 13th: 8pm/7pm CST

Wed Sept 14th: 8pm/7pm CST

Fri Sept 16th: 8pm/7pm CST

Wed Sept 21st Big Brother Season Finale: 9:30-11pm/8:30-10pm CST

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