Last night, Natalie was evicted from the Big Brother house. Everyone knew it was coming but watching her walk out the door was somewhat surreal. Three duos made it to the final six this year. In previous years, pairs were targeted much earlier in the game and split up before they had a chance to dominate the house and control the nominations.

Who won the HOH?

The Head of Household (HOH) competition began during the live show but continued on the feeds after the show went off the air. It was clear that Corey was going to win this competition from the beginning.

He was able to move quickly up and down the slippery surface and clenched the win not too long after the show went off. His win will keep Nicole safe this week and move them one step closer to the final three.

With Natalie gone, James is on his own. Fans have been wondering how the nominations will play out this week, especially since Nicole and Corey teamed up with Victor and Paul to secure a final four deal. According to Jokers Updates, that is not what Corey plans to do. In an unlikely move, Corey plans to nominate both Paul and Victor.

This will ensure one of them will remain on the block in the event that they win the Power of Veto (POV).

Corey made it clear that he feels angry about how James was treated by Natalie. In fact, he was shocked at how she threw him under the bus to Victor. There was a conversation aired during last night's live show between Corey and Nicole. He expressed his disappointment in Natalie and that is when fans knew he was team James all the way.

Who is in the final three deal with Corey?

After many scenarios were thrown out, Corey decided to keep James safe this week and solidify a final three deal with him and Nicole. This works out because Nicole and James have been working together since the beginning while also keeping their partners safe. If everything works out like it is supposed to, Corey will be carrying Nicole and James into the final three.

Paul and Victor are going to be disappointed and feel betrayed by the way things will play out at the nomination ceremony this afternoon. Unfortunately, one of them will likely be exiting the house and joining the other jury members soon.

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