Let's face it. Everyone has particular concerns about Donald Trump's presidential election.

This also includes The Big Bang Theory's Kunal Nayyar. Celebrities aren't exempt from the decision-making powers of the United States' Oval Office.

Although Big Bang Theory's season 10 premiere was a success, Kunal Nayyar confronted reality once again after the show.

While dwelling on his future, Nayyar took to Twitter and sparked a targeted conversation.

Nayyar is worried

"As an immigrant, I am beginning to seriously worry," tweets Kunal Nayyar.

"If Trump gets elected, does that mean I get deported and no more 'Raj'?"

To be technical, Donald Trump has supposedly mentioned that only "illegal immigrants" will be deported.

Not all immigrants.


Kunal might be on to something

Kunal Nayyar's worries are quite legit, especially given the rate Trump tends to flip-flop his stance on issues and topics.

While the United States is a country comprised of immigrants from all over the world, even from its conception, as president, Trump could make an executive order limiting the U.S.

to "citizens only."

This means that residents like Kunal Nayyar would have to leave as well, if it ever came down to that.

Yet, it's an extreme case, even for Trump.

Yet, Kunal sees the truth

Nevertheless, don't think Kunal Nayyar hasn't noticed all the blatant hatred surfacing since Donald began his "tell it like it is" rhetoric.

If you read anywhere along Kunal's Twitter timeline, you'll notice positivity all around.

He's an advocate for kindness and love.

However, Nayyar has senses just like the rest of us, and he can tellthere's something very wrong with the world.

Specifically, Kunal Nayyar notes "the Internet."

"Just too much hate on the Internet. Unbelievable."

It doesn't all come from Trump supporters, no. Yet, have you ever seen any Trump supporters who don't spew out extremely biased and hateful rhetoric?

It often gets confused for "patriotism," in case you're unsure.

Overall, what are your thoughts regarding Kunal Nayyar's concern about Donald Trump? Do you think it holds merit? Feel free to share your comments below.

**Antonio J. Newell is a writer for Blasting News. You can follow him on Twitter: @TonyBhaingz.**

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