The third and final part of the Real Housewives of New York reunion will air this upcoming Wednesday. There has been a lot of talk about Bethenny Frankel's behavior on the first two parts and it is spilling over to Andy Cohen. Social media has been very vocal about the first two parts of the reunion, particularly focusing on the fact that Frankel has acted in a less than desirable manner.

Andy Cohen and Bethenny Frankel are BFFs

It is no secret that Bethenny Frankel has a very close friendship with Andy Cohen. The two have been photographed out together on various occasions and this season was full of Frankel and her new best friend, Carole Radziwill.

It was rather painful to watch for long-time the Real Housewives of New York viewers.

According to All About the Tea, Andy Cohen is catching a lot of grief on Twitter specifically. Several tweeters have roasted him for allowing Bethenny Frankel to act and speak the way she has through the two part of the reunion. Of course, part three will likely be no different. Cohen sat back and didn't interject when Frankel went too far. This happened several times and has LuAnn de Lesseps and Jules Wainsteinfans incredibly upset. Most of the attacks were made on these two, more so LuAnn though.

Bethenny Frankel's behavior should not be rewarded

There has been no response from Andy Cohen about Bethenny Frankel's behavior at all.

In fact, he hosted her on Watch What Happens Live last Wednesday night after the second part of the reunion aired. It was then that she insinuated that the ladies of the Real Housewives of New York may be using cocaine with the comment about snow. She is walking a thin line that is bordering a libel suit, especially with the drug comments.

Fans are waiting to see how much more obnoxious Bethenny Frankel will be as the reunion wraps up. She made a comment about how draining it was after filming for it wrapped earlier this summer. Frankel is a tough cookie and when she has something to say, there is no sugarcoating anything. Her distaste for Jules Wainstein and LuAnn de Lesseps was apparent.

It looks like Dorinda Medley has also joined the ranks. Andy Cohen is going to have quite the mess to clean up come next Wednesday night.

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