Tonight it is time for a new Lifetime movie called Backstabbed. This has everyone wondering if this movie is based on a true story or not, because a lot of the time Lifetime movies are based on a true story or at least roughly based on events that really happened. They are known for making some of the best Movies like this honestly, though. 

Is Backstabbed based on a true story?

In this movie, a housewife named Shelby, played by Brittany Underwood, strikes up a partnership with a real estate agent, Paulette, played by Josie Davis, when she's strapped for cash.

Of course, this will turn into a crazy movie that is what you are used to seeing on a Lifetime movie. Fans know that things get a bit crazy on these. This movie will be one of those where things go crazy as usual. 

So far, it doesn't look like Backstabbed is a true story. It may sound like a few stories that you have heard over time, but this is not based on any of them. This is just a great Lifetime movie to enjoy. 

Lifetime movies are like this a lot, but they never say what story they are based on.

This one just doesn't seem to be based on anything, which is probably a good thing considering how scary of a movie Backstabbed would be if it was a real true story.

What similar stories are out there?

A former real estate agent in Auckland, New Zealand, Scott Perry, was accused of pretending to be a potential buyer, but he was wanting to do something else all together. He ended up getting fined, but there was no murder involved in this one.

There have also been people pretend to want to buy a house so that they can get in it and find out how to come back later and break in. This is not the case in the movie you watched on Lifetime tonight, though. You never know if this might be what gave the author the idea, though. 

You can watch Backstabbed tonight on Lifetime, but they will also air repeats over the weekend. Did you think that this movie was based on a true story?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. 

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