How are things going for Bachelorette stars JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers? Their recent season certainly had its fair share of buzz regarding intentions and sincerity, but the two got engaged during the finale and shared that they were happy together and planning for the future. Gossip guru Reality Steve had shared that he was hearing otherwise, and some wonder if JoJo and Jordan were just keeping their relationship alive to save face and cash in on the exposure while they could. Now some talk is swirling that their relationship may be over already.

What's the scoop?

JoJo and Jordan moved in together after theBachelorette finale

Jordan Rodgers move to Dallas, Texas right after the Bachelorette finale and he moved into a new home with JoJo Fletcher. The two have shared plenty of social media posts since they could go public together, most of which either focused on how happy they are together or on advertising opportunities. According to Life & Style, however, there is trouble in paradise.

The site claims that Jordan has moved out of the house he was sharing with JoJo, but that he is still based in Dallas for the moment and they are playing along with making it look like they are together for the sake of the money they can earn as a couple.

The split supposedly came on the heels of his ex-girlfriend Brittany Farrar exposing some information about him cheating on her during their relationship, and her social media posts on the matter came after many reports of other fidelity issues on his part.

AretheBachelorettestars still together?

While Rodgers and Fletcher have posted about one another plenty on social media since the Bachelorette finale, they actually happen to be in a bit of a dry spell at the moment.

It has been about a week since they posted photos showing them together, the timing of which coincides pretty closely with the Life & Style report about a fracture in the engagement.

However, Reality Steve has not reported anything about a split and JoJo and Jordan have not shared any public statements about a breakup. The Bachelorette fans will certainly be watching their social media pages closely to see if anything telling emerges and fans hope that they are still together and happy rather than living separately and covering up the trouble for the sake of making money.

Do you think that Bachelorette stars JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers are still together and engaged or has all of the buzz about him led her to doubt and regret her choices as supposed insiders claim? Will things shift in how they present themselves now that the focus of “Bachelor Nation” fans will turn to Nick Viall as he begins filming his Bachelorseason and the current status of the engaged couples coming out of Bachelor in Paradise?

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