JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers of ABC's The Bachelorette 2016 season have been facing plenty of scrutiny and rumors since they connected this past season, but the two are putting on a united front regarding their relationship. Despite plenty of buzz that their engagement is in peril, the two say that they are still doing well and they even tackled a bit of wedding talk recently.

Bachelorettelovebirds Jordan and JoJo were asked aboutplans for tying the knot

TMZ caught up to Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher while they were in Beverly Hills, California, and the Bachelorette stars did chat a bit about how things are going.

They say that everything is fine in their relationship and that they are very happy together. JoJo said that she doesn't know where the rumors of a split or discord have come from, but that they are doing just fine.

JoJo and Jordan were asked about wedding plans, and the Bachelorette duo said that they aren't in the heavy planning stages yet and are still trying to decide where they'll hold the event, but that it's definitely happening.

Fletcher talked about how her bestie Becca Tilley will certainly be there, but when asked about the strife within the Rodgers family, she said very little.

Will Fletcher and Rodgers become the next marriedBachelorettecouple?

The Bachelorette fans would love to see JoJo and Jordan become another success story for the franchise, but there are plenty of doubters out there. Supposed insiders for Life & Style have detailed that Fletcher is having a hard time with all of the fidelity issues that have swirled regarding Rodgers, and there are insinuations that the two are together at this point solely to take advantage of whatever financial opportunities they can grasp as a couple.

Despite all of the rumors, Jordan and JoJo have shared updates on Snapchat recently that certainly appear to show that they are still together and that is most definitely what they are saying publicly. Will JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers end up being the next Bachelorette couple to get married, or will this engagement fizzle out as the attention turns to Nick Viall and his Bachelor season this winter?

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