When it comes to Bachelor Nation, people are used to hearing about couples hooking up. Jesse and Ann Csincsak are the perfect example of a couple who were both on the show, met outside of the show and ended up married with children. Now it turns out that another couple is going strong. JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney are now dating, and fans are going crazy over this new love match that Us Magazine shared about today. Both of them are loved by fans, so this match is perfect.

What is going on with JJ Lane and Juelia Kinney?

JJ Lane shared that they have been dating for a bit, but these two were keeping it a secret for a bit. This is pretty smart and gave them a chance to see if it was serious before they told everyone about the fact that they were a couple. He did admit that they have thrown a few hints out, but didn't ever do an official announcement or anything. It is great to see now that these two are admitting they are an item and a hot and heavy one. This couple has found the love that everyone goes on the show looking for in the first place.

They actually met on Reality TV, but didn't fall in love there. They were both onBachelor in Paradiseseason two together. She is a mom, and this seems to be one thing that JJ really likes about her. JJ has a daughter as well, and he said, "We all love to FaceTime. She calls her Miss Juelia." He revealed that about two months ago things got serious between JJ and Juelia. The fans are loving this connection.

One crazy thing about this story is that JJ Lane said that he wouldn't date someone from the show. It turns out that he has changed his mind somehow. JJ Lane may have just found the girl of his dreams by being open to this idea. Breaking this rule was a good thing for JJ and Juelia. They aren't the first couple to find love this way and probably won't be the last one either. When you put that many gorgeous people together, things like this are going to happen.

Are you shocked to hear that JJ Lane and JueliaKinney are a couple? Do you think that these two will work? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. You will also not want to miss Nick Viall asThe Bachelor 2017 when it starts airing in January. Everyone is hoping that Nick finally finds his match as well.

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