Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert fell in love during Season 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise” and they got married last February. Franchise fans love “Janner” and are anxious to know if there might be babies on the way soon. They have been keeping busy with their pets, appearances, and building their dream home, but they recently shared that fans may want to go on baby bump watch sooner rather than later.

When will 'Janner' start having babies?

Tanner and Jade talked to Wetpaint and shared that they will probably start trying for a baby within the next year.

Of course, as Tolbert pointed out, that could mean January and it could mean December, but they are definitely working toward expanding their family relatively soon. They noted that their dream home should be completed in the spring and they joked that they aren't building a five bedroom home just for themselves.

Jade says that she is having baby bump envy and Tanner says that they are ready to take that next big step. He says that they will probably have two children for sure, but if the "Bachelor in Paradise" lovebirds end up with two girls first they will probably go for a third to see if they can get a boy too.

Have Tanner and Jade picked names?

While Jade says she's good with the idea of two kids, the “Bachelor in Paradise” star says that if her pregnancies go smoothly she's probably gameto go for three. The Tolberts do have a short list of names already, but they didn't share any specifics yet other than saying they're nothing too crazy or overly trendy.

Before baby bump watch can begin, fans can check out Tanner and Jade in the next season of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.” As People notes, the Tolberts will be one of the couples involved in the upcoming season, a move that definitely has fans buzzing.

Obviously, "Janner" is doing well if they are building their dream house and planning for babies. However, much like former “Bachelor” couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici, Jade and Tanner likely scooped up a nice paycheck to film the show for a few weeks and decided not to pass up the opportunity. "Bachelor in Paradise" fans love Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert together and cannot wait to see just what comes next for them.

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