Izzy Goodkind and Vinnie Ventiera met at the beginning of this season on Bachelor In Paradise. They had a strong relationship and everyone saw them as a solid couple with a future.

What went wrong?

The true strength of their commitment was tested when Brett Melnick arrived in Paradise with a lamp as his sidekick. The lamp was an ongoing joke about him when he first arrived on The Bachelorette to meet Andi Dorfman. He arrived with a lamp from the hotel because he had been raised to not show up without a gift for his date.

Well, the lamp guy turned Izzy's head. She had a conversation with him and made the decision to end things with Vinnie. She told Vinnie she was attracted to Brett and wanted to pursue it so she had no regrets. To Vinnie this was a complete blindside and he was heartbroken.

As we come to the end ofBachelor In Paradise, the last lady arrived in Paradise. It wasLauren Himle. Apparently there is a history with Brett and Lauren as they made a reference on the show to a double date they had been on together.Lauren approached Brett and asked him to talk.

During that conversation she told Brett that she was interested in pursuing something with him to see where it would go. That was enough for Brett to pull Izzy to the side and tell her that he felt something was missing and he planned on giving his rose to Lauren (which he later decided against and left paradise).

Will Vinnie take Izzy back?

Well, Izzy immediately regretted what she had done to Vinnie.

She left Paradise in hopes of having Vinnie allow her to run to him with open arms and them to rekindle what they once had between them. Unfortunately, Vinnie is not open to the idea. When she called and asked could she come to see him and how much she regretted her decision Vinnie let her know that it was so surprising and hurtful that he just couldn't get past it. There is no futureor second chance for the couple.

According to UsMagazine.com, Vinnie has forgiven Izzy but he just can't forget. He feels that if Izzy left him once to pursue someone else he can't be sure it won't happen again.

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